Concierge practices are springing up everywhere because they work. There are a number of advantages, the most important being flexibility. 

Dr. Norton offers: 

  • Flexible session length – from ½ hour to 2 hour sessions
  • Intensive outpatient therapy available for those who want an alternative to residential treatment– 5 to 10 hours per week
  • Flexible appointment times — I offer weekend and evening appointments
  • Phone sessions available – for travelers, students and road warriors
  • Mi casa es su casa – come and cook with me in my kitchen! It’s fun and you’ll learn a lot.

Another advantage of a concierge practice is that you also have more privacy. For example:

  • Self-pay means no insurance, no company reporting.
  • No electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Dr. Norton meets or exceeds all HIPAA and APA Privacy standards.

On the other hand, if you want to use insurance Dr. Norton provides a managed-care-friendly invoice (documentation for out-of-network benefits) so that you can submit a claim to your insurance carrier by simply sending in the monthly/weekly invoice.

Flexible Payments

  • We accept checks, credit card, HSA or cash
  • Cash and prepayment discounts are also available

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Dr. Renae Norton specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Call 513-205-6543 to schedule an appointment or fill out our online contact form for someone to call you to discuss your concerns. Tele-therapy sessions available. Individual and family sessions also available.

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