GMOs and Disease – How They Go Hand in Hand

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

What Makes GMOs So Dangerous?

As I mentioned in the last article, scientists are beginning to recognize the relationship between GMO foods and epidemic levels of obesity, liver and kidney disease, IBS, autoimmune disease, autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s, infertility and other illnesses that are surging presently in U.S. health. Let’s take a look at some of these findings. I think you’ll find them pretty convincing.

How do GMOs relate to thyroid cancer?

The chart below shows the increase in the incidence rate of thyroid cancer against glyphosate and genetically engineered soy and corn.  More importantly, it shows the trend before GMOs were introduced, which was relatively flat and what happened after glyphosate and GE soy and corn became a part of the U.S. food supply.  

As disturbing as this chart is, it did not come as a shock to me.  One of the first things to get my attention while treating eating disorder patients 10 years ago, and what prompted the writing of my books on food pollution and wellness in general, was the number of patients suffering from thyroid and/or endocrine issues.  A high percentage of patients with anorexia, bulimia or bulimarexia present with a leaky gut and/or thyroid disorders that have not been diagnosed. 

A DIY test for thyroid disease is to take your temperature every day for a week and if it averages 97 degrees or less, you may have thyroid issues.  Another DIY test is to put tincture of iodine on your forearm and note how long it takes to disappear.  If it takes less than 24 hours, you are iodine deficient, which causes thyroid problems.

Notice in the chart below how flat the trajectory for thyroid cancer was before GMOs and what happened to thyroid cancer after GMOs were introduced. The correlation coefficient is a very high one suggesting a strong relationship.

The following graphs tell the story.  They were taken from an article in The Journal of Organic Systems entitled “Genetically engineered crops, Glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the United States of America,” which was published in September 2018.

Thyroid Cancer Incidence Rate Chart

What Impact Do GMOs Have on the Gut?    

In the next two charts we see examples of how GMOs impact the gut specifically. These are also very strong correlations.  When my patients present, the first thing I do is have them evaluated for leaky gut syndrome.  Nine out of ten patients test positive for leaky gut.  When they start to eat clean and eliminate GMOs, their guts can heal, and we reduce the likelihood of autoimmune disease.  (Bet you did not know that you cannot have an autoimmune disease without a leaky gut.) Likewise, their prognosis improves dramatically.  

Age Adjusted Deaths Due to Intestinal Infection Chart

What we see in this graphic is the dramatic increase in deaths due to gut infections against the introduction of GMOs and glyphosate.  Before glyphosate, people rarely died of gut infection.  

Why is this happening?  It is happening because Bt or Bacillus thuringiensis, a soil bacterium that destroys the gut of invading pests, has been genetically engineered into crops so that we could douse them with Glyphosate without killing the crop.

When it is genetically engineered into crops causing the gut of the bug eating the Bt crop to split open it remains in the crop, which we then eat.  So, if it splits the gut of the bug, why wouldn’t it tear at our guts when we eat the Bt corn or soy?  Apparently, it does.  Ergo the proliferation of leaky gut and ultimately auto immune diseases in the United States in the last 25 years.

This is obviously an oversimplification, but the point is that leaky gut is epidemic in the U.S. today.  Leaky gut results in inflammation…..all kinds of inflammation; from a snotty nose to joint pain.  It also leads to autoimmune disease, now the 8th leading cause of death among women.  

Remember, you cannot have an autoimmune disease (such as lupus, Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, or celiac disease etc.) without a leaky gut.  

You get a leaky gut from attacks on the lining of the gut.  Glyphosate also attacks the gut.  Many people today have been diagnosed with celiac disease, or a gluten intolerance but what people are not aware of is that the glyphosate bound to wheat is what causes it to be so allergenic, more so than the wheat gluten itself.  People who think that they have celiac are always amazed when they go to Europe and eat grains with no ill effects. 

I thought for many years that I had gluten intolerance because eating bread always caused me to bloat.  Then I went to Italy and for 10 days I ate bread and pasta at every meal.  No bloat and I lost 3 pounds! They do not use glyphosate or GMOs in Italy.  I’m just saying.

Why does Glyphosate cause bloating?  

Glyphosate preferentially kills the good bacteria in your gut by taking out the shikimate pathway found in all bacteria.  Monsanto likes to say that glyphosate is not dangerous to humans because humans do not have a shikimate pathway.  What they ignore is the fact that the gut is made up of billions of bacteria (both good bacteria and bad bacteria) that do have a shikimate pathway and further that glyphosate attacks the good bacteria and either doesn’t bother the bad bacteria or promotes it.  

We rely upon the good bacteria in the gut to produce L-tryptophan, melatonin and serotonin (all of which play important roles in our mental and physical health) and since these bacteria do have a shikimate pathway that is damaged by glyphosate, eating GMOs is VERY BAD FOR THE GUT, causing anxiety, sleep disturbances and loss of a sense of well-being.  

Did you know that humans are only 10% human cells and 90% non-human cells….or bacteria?   Just one more reason to protect the good bacteria.  

Tip: Use probiotics every day to support the good bacteria and of course stop eating GMOs.

In the graph following we see the dramatic increase in inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) against the introduction of glyphosate.  This was another one of the problems I was seeing in my eating disorder population that suddenly took off ten years ago. You can see how low the incidence was before the glyphosate.

Hospital Discharge Diagnoses Inflammatory Bowel Disease Chart

What impact are GMOs having on U.S. children?

The graph below shows the increase in the number of children with autism against the glyphosate and GMO soy over 20 years.  Scary, isn’t it?  It is a strong correlation.

There appears to be a connection between gut issues and autism that may be driven by genetically engineered vaccinations.  A 2006 study found that “A history of GI symptoms was elicited in 70% of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) compared with 28% of children with typical development”.

From the charts above, it is easy to see why the autistic child might have GI issues.

Number of Children with Autism Chart

What impact do GMOs have on cancer rates?

The next graph shows the increase in kidney and renal pelvis cancer.  The renal pelvis is the top part of the ureter.  The ureter is a long tube that connects the kidney to the bladder.  The kidney is our main filtering system, responsible for ridding the body of toxins.  GMOs are toxic to the body.  Our kidneys cannot keep up, especially when we smoke cigarettes, which were the first GMO product to be mass-marketed, drink soft drinks made with GMO aspartame and eat foods doused in glyphosate.

Age Adjusted Kidney and Renal Pelvis Cancer Chart

This next chart shows the rise in urinary and bladder cancer in the U.S.  It was up and down and then took off after the introduction of glyphosate.

Age Adjusted Urinary Bladder Cancer Incidence Chart

There is strong evidence that GMO’s and disease go hand in hand. Understanding the risks involved in consuming these foods is essential to making the best decisions for your health and the health of those you love.

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