It’s Sugar! Part 2

What’s the sugar story?

HFCS = Poison for Profit

Because the obesity epidemic has raised the consciousness of some segments of the public, the producers of HFCS are trying to keep profiting by resorting to sneaking their addictive poisons into us using new names.

Terms like “nonnutritive sweetener” or “corn solids,” along with a number of other confusing labels are on many products. They count on the fact that if we don’t realize it is there, they’ve got us hooked before we realize it.

The Corn Refiners Association ran ads on TV and online that positioned HFCS as no different than sugar. In fact, in 2011 they petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change the name to “corn sugar” in an attempt to re-brand it. Thankfully, the FDA sided with the consumer on this one and turned down the request in 2012.

The TV commercials are pretty effective though. In an attempt to convince you that HFCS is “no worse than sugar,” they imply that because it is somehow “natural,” it may even be better. “Natural” can refer to anything that started as a plant or an animal.

They make the following statement in their ad:

“It’s made from corn, has no artificial ingredients, has the same calories as sugar and is okay to eat in moderation” The fact that the body does not recognize it and that it is stored in the liver as fat does not meet my criteria for safe.

But that isn’t the worst of it. The really galling thing about the proliferation of HFCS in our food supply is that it is done so subversively. Even if you are a label reader, it is easy to miss it. It’s frequently found in foods touted for their health benefits; High fiber, Healthy fat, Good source of vitamin C and HFCS. Huh? By highlighting the healthy ingredients, they hope we’ll skip right over the high fructose harm syrup hidden in the food. Unfortunately, most of us do just that, so this ploy has been very effective.

Don’t fall into the sugar trap! Be smart and live healthy!


Dr. J. Renae Norton

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