• Does your weight go up and down like a roller coaster?
  • Is it steadily climbing, year after year?
  • Have you tried every diet and even “succeeded” only to gain back all the weight you lost and then some?
  • Does it seem like your doctor/family/friends are tired of hearing about your struggle?

Then you have come to the right place!

My approach is a different way to think about your diet. Inflammation is the biggest threat to poor health, including excess weight. My approach focuses on non-inflammatory foods that restore health and a sense of well-being. Hypocrates said; “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” He was so right. Clean food can heal the parts of the endocrine system that are so damaged by the polluted foods that cause the vast majority of weight gain.

Get the help you need now!

“I have a proven track record when it comes to people losing weight and keeping it off. My formerly obese patients not only lose weight, they also get off of the high blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin medications they thought they’d be on for the rest of their lives. But mostly they get their lives back. Travel, relationships, leisure activities, and job success all become possible again.” J. Renae Norton

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