How Maji Gets Mongo Off the Couch!


This delightful story features two pups, Maji (which rhymes with magpie) and Mongo (which rhymes with bongo). Maji and Mongo were dogs of the same breed, but they were very different, very different indeed. One a sad couch potato, the other a happy playful tornado! When they met Mongo never ventured outside, but that all ended when Maji knocked on his door. Feats of strength and bouts of bravery draw these adorable pups together into a friendship that changes Mongo’s life forever and gives Maji a new best friend.


Dr. Norton developed the Maji & Mongo book series after working with obese pediatric patients, to engage children and their parents in an entertaining and endearing read that reinforces the importance of getting outdoors and eating clean food.

The series will introduce children to lifestyle issues such as the importance of physical activity and the deliciousness of wholesome “clean” foods. It also teaches children the value of diversity and the need for living green. The messages in each book, though serious and potentially life changing, will be presented in a way that is sure to engage every child. Each book will also include an addendum, covering tips for parents that will help them reinforce the concepts.


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