HabiTrack is a proprietary metabolic monitoring and nutritional analysis system which I use to track the progress of my patients with obesity and/or eating disorders. It provides you with the information you need to manage calories and weight, whether you are re-feeding, losing or maintaining your weight. It is customized specifically for you, the patient, and it works!

Accurate, individualized, and continuous feedback is the key to any successful behavioral change program!

How Does It Work?

HabiTrack begins with an analysis of your resting metabolism. Many treatment centers make the mistake of mandating 3500 calories for every individual entering their program. This is inadvisable as it may be too many, or in some cases, even too few calories. It is better to begin with an accurate resting metabolism rate for each individual and base calorie requirements on that number.

HabiTrack tracks metabolism using a machine that accurately provides the rate at which your body is burning calories, called an Resting Metabolism Rate (RMR) machine. The test is done first thing in the morning after fasting for the night. It is simple and accurate at a 98% level of confidence and is non-invasive. (You just breath into a tube.)

In addition to identifying the rate at which you burn calories, we also track the number of  calories eaten each day and the macro-nutrients, with My Fitness Pal (or a similar self-tracking mechanism.)  Finally, we capture weight with ClearStep, a patient centered scale that allows weight check-ins without triggering the patient as the weight does not show up on the scale but is sent directly to me on a daily basis.

In many cases of Anorexia, the metabolic burn has dropped to a very low number because that is the way the body responds to restricting or yoyo dieting. It can be catastrophic and even medically dangerous to insist on refeeding beginning with a very high calorie intake as is the norm in most residential treatment centers. Unfortunately, many treatment centers do just that. This can be medically destabilizing as well as emotionally traumatic. I believe that the reason this happens so often in residential and partial residential treatment centers is that they are under the gun to get weight up as fast as possible before insurance runs out.

Obese individuals may also have very slow metabolism as a result of yo-yo dieting. Likewise, individuals suffering from Bulimia and Bulimarexia may have suppressed normal metabolism, such that we use the machine for all individuals wishing to improve their metabolic rate and wishing to support treatment goals.

For those whose metabolism is unusually slow or fast, the goal will be to bring it into the normal range. Once we have an accurate measure of the individual’s metabolism, we track daily calories, macro-nutrients, and weight. Daily tracking allows us to identify patterns in your current style of eating and identify the changes necessary to bring your eating under control.  The goal is to restore metabolism to an effective and safe rate of burn, for maximum energy output and to attain a weight that is safe and sustainable for you. Not for somebody like you, but specifically for you. The system will allow us to accurately track the progress that you are making in doing this and make adjustments daily when necessary.

For those whose metabolism falls within the normal range, the system will take the guess work out of eating healthy, as you will know exactly how many calories/day you can eat to gain, maintain or lose weight.  Research shows that most people needing to lose weight guesstimate their calorie requirements to be too low.  This results in YoYo’ing and increases the likelihood that they will regain the unwanted weight.

One other very important thing to keep in mind is that clean food is more efficient than conventional food.  In other words, the notion that a calorie is a calorie is just not true.  Clean food does not trigger weight gain like conventional US food does.  It also heals instead of hurting.  Hypocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” He was right.

“I think this is what many of you have been waiting for and I can’t wait to help you get started!” 
Dr. J. Renae Norton

Who needs HabiTrack?

Anyone trying to manage an eating disorder and everyone wanting a more healthy lifestyle!

If you are re-feeding as a result of being Anorexic, Bulimic or Bulimarexic your biggest fear is gaining weight in an uncontrolled way.  Knowing your resting metabolism and the foods that you can eat without fear of rapid weight gain, allows you to establish a healthy relationship with food for perhaps the first time in your life.

If you are overweight or suffering from Obesity, the research is clear that you probably cut your calories too much by dieting, which inevitably leads to failure and additional weight gain.  Knowing the exact number of calories you can eat usually allows you to eat much more than you think you should.  This prevents you from slowing your metabolism down and insures your long-term success.

How It Works:

In the initial session your RMR (resting metabolic rate) is taken, which will establish a base-line for your metabolism.  Thereafter, you will be asked to provide us with daily food records using a food analysis program such as My Fitness Pal, and daily weight check-ins using ClearStep, a therapy-based weight management system. We ask that you not weigh yourself on any other scale while in treatment with Dr. Norton. We will combine the results of the RMR, nutritional analysis and your daily weigh-ins for discussions during your sessions with Dr. Norton designed to help you achieve your health and weight management goals. 

Consulting Sessions:

During sessions with Dr. Norton, you will be given feedback that accurately describes your metabolic status along with recommendations for eating and exercise strategies that have been customized to meet your nutritional needs.  These strategies have been shown to positively impact metabolism and weight management.

For individuals who are recovering from Anorexia or Bulimarexia, the information will greatly reduce the stress of re-feeding. For individuals suffering from obesity or for those who are overweight, it will eliminate the need to diet and prevent yo-yo dieting.

Follow-up RMR Sessions:

We recommend that you repeat the RMR assessment monthly until you have met your metabolic goal.  If you are engaged in activities to increase or decrease your metabolism, this will allow us to monitor the relative effectiveness of the changes that you are making and to make adjustments and change strategies when necessary.

Follow-up Food Analysis:

You can submit your food records for analysis by filling out this FORM. Your results will be emailed, slow-mailed, or they’ll be in your chart at your next visit. We can even generate recipes and grocery lists that have been analyzed especially for you. Just let us know what you need!

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