Simply Delicious Simple Snacks

simply delicious simple snacks

Who doesn’t love a snack?

My patients are always asking for ideas for quick and easy snacks. Here are a few of my favorites.


Simple, right? But, these things are amazing for dipping and combining with other deliciousness. Much different from the plain sliced apples of your childhood, though those are also great! My favorite apple variety is Fuji, organic, of course!

First, I love apple plus raw grass fed cheddar cheese. A bite of apple plus a bite of cheddar cheese… I’m talking tiny bites when it comes to the cheddar cheese LOL. So good together!

Another favorite is dipping apple in brie… Not the same thing as eating it with cheese. You warm the Brie, take the slice of apple and dip and oh my goodness!

I also love apples dipped in nut butter. I don’t eat peanut butter because it naturally has a fungus in it that I try to avoid. I prefer to use cashew or almond butter and I have a trick to share with you. It is common in nut butters for the oils to separate and rise to the top. If you put the butter in the food processor when you open it and process the oil back into the butter it will not separate again. What I do is process half the jar plain, then process half the jar with a little cinnamon and nutmeg added for my own special apple dip. For the holiday gatherings a dish of this spiced nut butter dip and delicious apples is sure to be a hit!  But apples also dipped in plain cashew butter or almond butter are also to die for.

Beef Sticks

A go-to almost every single day snack for me are beef sticks. These things are amazing because you can take them anywhere as they don’t have to be kept refrigerated. I order my beef sticks from Paleo Valley. They are 100% grass fed, and quite delicious. I actually have a beef stick every morning with a hard boiled egg. This is my favorite breakfast and/or a great snack.


Don’t underestimate this little green giant!  You can stuff or dip celery in just about anything but my favorite way to eat it is stuffed with cream cheese and olives. Simply put a pack of cream cheese brought to room temperature in a Cuisinart, add a half a cup of pitted olives, pulse for a few minutes, scrape into a glass container.  From there you can dip a celery stalk into the olive cheese mix until you run out of celery. Or you can stuff the celery and cut it up into bite-size pieces. Either way it’s going to be delicious!

Smoked salmon and cream cheese

Whole Foods carries wild caught smoked salmon with everything bagel seasoning. I take it out of the container slice it into very narrow strips then slice those into bite-size pieces and do the same thing with the cream cheese. Slap them together and either eat it just like that or put it on a keto cracker or if you’re not doing keto put it on a tiny Simple Mills almond cracker. You really don’t need to do any prep other than slicing up the salmon and putting that in a little container and slicing up the cream cheese and putting that in the container then have the crackers sitting beside them.

Hard boiled eggs

You can just eat them plain with a little bit of salt on them, I enjoy heating up a cup of hot water to put my hard boiled egg in so that I warm it up before I eat it. Bet you didn’t know you could do that. This assumes that you do what I do and make a dozen hard-boiled eggs all at the same time and keep them in the refrigerator. Otherwise you can just eat it cold.

Another trick is cutting it in half putting the yolk in a little tiny dish along with some mayonnaise and a tiny bit of mustard and mixing them together. I use an Aerolatte milk foamer to make it extra creamy.   Now just dip the egg white into the egg yolk mixture, and you have the equivalent of a deviled egg!

Another thing I love to do when I need a snack high in protein is chop up my hard-boiled egg and add it to a little bit of cottage cheese. Sometimes I put a little bit of mustard in there too. It’s so incredibly good!

Whether you are taking a break from studying, working, taking care of the kids or just sitting beside the fire relaxing these snacks are not only nutritious but simply delicious!

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