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Knee Replacement Surgery – Day Three After Surgery


So, day three after surgery was not as easy as days one and two. Primarily because I had a splitting headache. This is apparently a common phenomenon post surgically. The swelling in the body causes pressure on the nerve endings which can result in a headache, at least that  is my understanding.

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Tricks for Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs


If anyone would like to share their secret for peeling hard boiled eggs, I would love to know. I have some theories and I’m willing to share them of course, but I really think it depends on the egg! I’ve tried using old eggs and new eggs, and sometimes the older the better, other times, not so much. 

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Tuna and Egg Salad on Romain lettuce

What is it about lettuce that makes it such a divine alternative to bread? I made myself some tuna and egg salad, which has always been a favorite of mine since I was little, but since I stopped eating bread years ago, I have found Romain lettuce to be the perfect alternative to bread.

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