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Show Notes: The Benefits of Grassfed Meat and Dairy with John Wood

US Wellness Meats - John Wood On this week’s episode, we talked with John Wood from US Wellness Meats. We covered a wide variety of topics including the benefits of grassfed meats!

In this episode we covered:

3:18 – About US Wellness Meats.
5:29 – How did US Wellness Meats get started?
12:22 – Review of US Wellness Meats in the NY Times.
12:58 – What is the difference between wet aged meat and dry aged meat?
16:43 – How to properly prepare grassfed beef.
18:50 – What is better organic or grassfed meat?
20:20 – How the US diet has changed over time.
23:30 – What is CLA? What are the health benefits of CLA?
28:00 – Caller Question: Is there such thing as grass fed pork? Do you get the same benefit from grassfed pork as you do from grassfed beef?
33:40 – What are the benefits of eating grassfed pork?
40:52 – What is the MSA grading system? Farming in Tasmania vs the United States.
49:00 – What is the mission of US Wellness meats?
50:58 – Healing leaky gut through the paleo diet.
52:49 – Eating grassfed meat on a budget.
55:04 – What US Wellness Meats products should our listeners try?

Links we discussed:
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Maji and Mongo – “Let’s Eat!” Book Review
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Dr. Norton’s Interview with Prevent Obesity
Caw Caw Creek Pork

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