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GMOs, Eating Disorders & Obesity [Show Notes]

GMOs, Eating Disorders, Obesity

This week we talked about the dangers of Genetically Modified Foods, and trends we are seeing in patients in treatment for obesity or eating disorders. We’ll also shared some shopping tips and some of our favorite resources!

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In this episode we covered:

1:55 – Food Pollution
3:35 – The Risks of GMOs
5:29 – The US Food Supply
5:50 – The Health Effects of GMOs
9:22 – The Institute for Responsible Technology – Cited Research Studies
11:33 – Caller Questions – How do you know if you are buying GM foods? What is the difference between GM foods and hybrid foods?
29:24 – Wheat – The Impact on Obesity and Eating Disorders
33:15 – Gluten-Free Products – Buyer Beware
34:50 – Ancient Grains
35:30 – Wheat – The Impact on Obesity
39:05 – Wheat – The Impact on Eating Disorders
40:34 – Einkorn
42:48 – The Effects of GMOs on the Immune System
44:57 – GMOs – The Effects on Infants
47:43 – Allergens in GM Foods
50:00 – The Effects of GMOs on the Immune System
50:50 – Celiac Disease
51:34 – GMOs and Gastrointestinal Health

Links We Discussed:
Ancient Grains
The Difference Between Heirloom, Hybrid, GM Seeds
Genetically Modified Foods. Are They Really Safe?
Genetically Modified Foods, Eating Disorders, and Obesity

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