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Eating Disorder Pro Podcast: Defining “Food Junkie” W/ Dr. Vera Tarman

Vera Tarman

On this week’s episode I spoke with Dr. Vera Tarman. Dr. Tarman is the author of Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction.

She is also the founder and spokesperson for Addictions Unplugged. Dr. Vera Tarman has focused her medical practice over the past 17 years on addiction treatment and recovery. Along with serving the addiction community through her own private practice, she has been the Medical Director at Renascent since 2006 and the Staff physician with Salvation Army Homestead since 2004.

If you missed it, you can tune in HERE.

What We Covered:

0:55- Dr. Vera Tarman, Author of Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction

1:43- Dr. Tarman’s Professional Background

2:20- Definition of Food Addiction

3:05- Signs of Food Addiction

7:06- Causes of Food Addiction

7:15- Below The Radar-Dr. Norton’s Book

9:15- Are People Born With Food Addiction?

12:11- Caller Joe

13:01- What Is The Solution For Food Addiction?

13:45- What Do You Abstain From?

15:00- How Do You Determine What To Eliminate?

16:22- Are Coconut Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup The Same?

18:24- Coconut Sugar and Norbu Sweetener

23:32- If You Have A Food Addiction, Will You Always Have One?

25:48- Ways To Overcome Food Addictions

30:26-Can You Become Addicted To Fruit?

32:53- Physical & Emotional Addiction

33:26- Definition of Addiction

39:06- Stages of Recovery

40:08- What Is The Number One Sign You’re Addicted To Something?

41:43- Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction

42:54- Contact Dr. Vera Tarman at addictionsunplugged.com

Dr. J. Renae Norton is a clinical psychologist, specializing in the outpatient treatment of obesity and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, and binge eating disorder (BED) and the Director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the Director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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