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Improve Your Health and Well-Being Through Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is an ancient eastern philosophy that identifies and directs spiritual energy paths. Visit my About Me section for more background on this philosophy.

Creating Health and Well-being energy throughout your home will help you achieve more balance and harmony, in all aspects of your life. It will even help you to make better choices in terms of what you eat and whether or not you resist illnesses! Really! In a nutshell it helps us to:

Become more physically healthy,

Recover quickly from an illness,

Learn to take time for ourselves,

And get Focused and centered in our lives.

Health and Well-Being No-No’s and Simple Changes – Clutter, Garbage, and Dirt


Clutter stresses us and grime invites disease. The kitchen is particularly important. If it is always full of dirty dishes, it will not invite you to prepare a “clean” and delicious meal. It will make you want to grab something and run. Have a bowl of fresh fruit out in the kitchen and maintain an organized refrigerator. Put old food in the compost immediately when it goes bad. It is critical to have a quiet, comfortable place to sit down and eat a meal in peace. It is your reward for the hard work you put into the meal and it nourishes the body better if eaten in a restful setting.


Bathrooms at the center of the bagua (home) and can create health as well as financial challenges. It is another room that must be clean and inviting for us to spend the time each day to attend to our hair, teeth and skin. However it has drains that can drain away the wealth of the owner, so always keep the toilet seat down and the drains covered. Also add a few plants to strengthen your health. Plants love steamy bathrooms. You can also place mirrors on the outside of the bathroom to keep the healthy energy from going down the drains. If you have a powder room close to a front door, keep the bathroom door closed and a light on.


In the bedroom surround yourself with the things you love. I have pictures of my son, and my favorite picture of myself with my grandchildren. I even have a picture of my ex-husband and I on a ski trip. We are still best friends and it’s a very happy picture of our friends and us.

To Ensure Restfulness

Limit the number of books you keep by your bedside. No electronics! No bills, no paperwork at all. This is a place to rest.

Bedrooms should be soft, warm; inviting and they should smell good. Use soft pillows and handmade quilts, anything that enhances the sense of serenity and comfort.

Colors for the Bedroom

Soft and soothing colors belong in the bedroom. If you prefer warmer colors, stick to the creams, peaches, pinks, and earth tones. If you prefer cooler colors, go with light greens, blues and lavender. Blues calm; pinks and peaches invite love and romance; accents of red, pomegranate, and burgundy bring excitement and passion.

Health and Well-Being Enhancements

These should be positioned throughout the home to improve one’s health and well-being:

  • Healthy plants
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Symbols and items from the earth such as stones, shells, ceramics, and terra-cotta pottery
  • Items in yellow and green
  • Paintings, symbols, or photos of the earth, sun, stars, or a sunrise
  • Abundant artwork with fields of daisies, sunflowers, and yellow wild flowers
  • Real or Fake fruit and Vegetables in a colorful bowl
  • Symbols of peace and harmony

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