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Podcast: Food Addiction [Show Notes]

GMOs, Eating Disorders, ObesityIn this weeks episode we continued our discussion from last week about Food Addiction. We talked about the science behind food addiction, signs of food addiction, and treatment for food addiction.

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In this episode we covered:

0:00 Introduction
2:00 What is Addiction?
6:40 Why is it so hard to overcome addiction?
8:50 – Food Addiction and Bulimarexia
13:04 – Food Addiction and Diabulimia
17:20 How many people are affected by food addiction?
18:20 The Anatomy of Food Addiction
21:20 How the wrong kind of treatment for obesity and eating disorders can contribute to food addiction
25:19 Food Addiction and the Limbic System
26:50 The role of the hypothalamus
27:30 Caller Question: How can I help a morbidly obese friend that is not open to discussion about diet, exercise, nutrition?
35:45 The Role of the Hypothalamus
40:30 Fight or Flight
45:20 The treatment for food addiction

Links we discussed:

Childhood Obesity & Food Addiction
Anorexia, Addiction, and the Three Part Brain Model
Bulimarexia: Why Are We Seeing More of It?
Bulimarexia. Did You Know?

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