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Eating Disorder Pro Radio Show – Q&A – Epidemic of Obesity & Escalation of Eating Disorders

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In this episode we answered your questions about last week’s episode on the Epidemic of Obesity & Escalation of Eating Disorders (you can also review the show notes for more information).

The obesity epidemic has negatively impacted the entire U.S. health care system and reversed a 20-year trend of longer life expectancy for certain segments of the population, primarily today’s children.

If the present rate of occurrence continues, the entire population will be obese by the year 2030. Likewise, eating disorders (ED’s) such as Anorexia, are growing in numbers and reaching new segments of the population, including younger children, middle-aged women and men. These are groups that have been relatively unaffected by ED’s in the past.

In this episode we covered:

1:47 – About Dr Norton

2:54 – Podcast Overview

4:27 – Obesity and Eating Disorders in the US

8:32 – Why Are We Seeing an Increase in Obesity and Eating Disorders in the US

12:04 – The Role of Pop Culture in Obesity and Eating Disorders

12:37 – The Role of Nutrition in Overcoming Obesity and Eating Disorders

14:27 – Caller Success Story

22:08 – Caller Question – What are some reliable websites to obtain accurate information about our food supply?

26:22 – Caller Question – How to Eat Healthy in the Workplace (Travelling, Prepared Meals)

39:14 – Importance of Understanding Good Nutrition for Both Ourselves and Our Children (GMOs, MSG, Neurotoxins)

42:48 – Caller Question – How to Eat Healthy Throughout College Life – Low Budget, Cafeteria Food, Dorm-Life

47:51 – Caller Question – Diabetes – What Food Should I Avoid Eating?

Links we discussed –
Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness
The Institute for Responsible Technology
The Weston A Price Foundation
Coconut Crystals from Coconut Secret

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