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Eating Disorder Pro Podcast – Eating Disorders, Obesity, and Traditional Foods [Show Notes]

Eating Disorders, Obesity, Traditional Foods Dr. Ron

On this week’s podcast we welcomed Dr. Ron Schmid to the show. Dr. Ron is the founder of Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure and author of The Untold Story of Milk and Traditional Foods are Your Best Medicine.

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What We Covered:

3:33 – About Dr. Ron
9:18 – Prostrate Health, Red Meat, and Dairy
18:18 – Is raw milk beneficial to our health? Where to find raw dairy products?
22:30 – What to do about rising PSAs and enlarged prostrate
25:10 – Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, and Eating Disorder Recovery
31:33 – The importance of high quality food and supplements
33:20 – The role of nutrition in developing a healthy spirit and mind
34:10 – How our underlying assumptions affect our goals to attain optimal health
39:00 – Supplements, fillers, and additives
41:16 – Can we get all of our nutrition from food? Why do we need to take supplements?
46:08 – Supplements that help with eating disorder related hair loss
47:35 – Changes in the complications of eating disorders

Links We Discussed:

Dr. Ron’s Ultrapure

Dr. Kelley’s Cancer: Curing the Incurable

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition in the Treatment of Eating Disorders