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There is nothing more rewarding than to travel with a patient down the road to recovery from an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or bulimarexia. The road to recovery can be a bumpy road, but the results are well worth the hard work. Here are some testimonies we previously received from individuals that received outpatient treatment at my location in Cincinnati.

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You offered me the tools to a happy and healthy life. Those tools transformed my thoughts and actions and have produced new meaning and joy into my life. As I begin this next chapter, I can confidently say (for once in my life), I believe everything is going to be OK!

As a child and a teenager, I found it really difficult to connect and let my guard down in front of a therapist. When I was eighteen, I was blessed to have met one who changed my life forever. I never thought I would be so fortunate. I showed up ready to play and you showed up ready to be my coach. Thank You!

Thank you for your encouraging words as you set out to change the vision my family and I had of myself. Guess what? They think I’m Awesome and so do I ! With your help, my life would not be as awesome as it is today!