Dr. J Renae Norton IS the Eating Disorder Pro. Find out how to get help with all manner of eating-related disorders

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The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Wellness offers an Alternative to Inpatient Treatment for the treatment of Eating Disorders, as well as comprehensive wellness counseling for those suffering from Autoimmune Disorders.

Dr. J. Renae Norton’s Holistic Treatment Approach combines intensive, daily if necessary, individual psychotherapy, group and family therapy where appropriate, DBT training as well as nutrition, shopping and food preparation coaching.

Dr. Norton recognizes the importance of the mind/body connection. She looks at the interactions between the biological, personality and cultural drivers of disordered eating.

Dr J Renea Norton, The eating disorder pro practices a holistic specialist in the treatment of anorexia, obesity, chronic illness and premature aging.Dr. J. Renae Norton became interested in the treatment of eating disorders while still in graduate school. Her primary areas of expertise during her doctoral training were family systems theory, and Neuro-psychology. She began her practice in 1985 after doing her residency in clinical psychology at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the years her reputation as the go to therapist for the toughest eating disorder cases has spread to other states and professionals around the country. Presently, she offers the only alternative to inpatient treatment in cases where the individual is suffering from a severe case of Anorexia, Bulimia or a combination of the two (often referred to as Bulimarexia).